Firestarter Podcast 1 - What is a social enterprise?

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Firestarter Podcast 1 - What is a social enterprise?

This is the Firestarter Podcast which is the world's first podcast for social enterprises in health.

This week's podcast features an interview with Chris Dabbs, the Chief Executive of CHAP (Community Health Action Partnership) and co-ordinator of the NHS Networks' Social Enterprise Network. This podcast covers:

  • What is a social enterprise?
  • The difference between social entrepreneurs and social enterprises
  • Why social enterprises often have to get rid of their founders
  • How to find entrepreneurs in your organisation (Hint: they are often the weirdo troublemaker)
  • Why entrepreneurs often make bad managers
  • What drives social entrepreneurs
  • Chris' "Mrs Buggins Test"
  • "Creative commons" and sharing ideas 
  • The added value of social entrepreneurs
  • Why NHS Networks is a fantastic organisation 
We are currently putting the finishing touches to our RSS feed and our iTunes connection which will make it easier for you to download the podcast, subscribe to updates, etc. 

Podcast 1 - This can be downloaded here

The music is "Fire Dance" by djbouly and is brought to you under a creative commons licence.


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